Car glazing

A small chip or more extensive damage to the glass? This product range has everything you need to provide a crystal-clear outlook for your customers.

Are you looking for a supplier for high-quality products to help you in repairing car windows? Then our skilled wholesale department is the right point of contact for you. Our customers include many car workshops, which we supply with our sales range.

Your reliable partner for car glazing

See for yourself our large selection of products for car glazing. We have all the necessary materials for repairing windscreens. Offer your customers the opportunity to have their windscreen chip repaired if possible. It is not always necessary to replace the windscreen, thanks to our innovative products. Your customers will be pleased if they do not have to immediately consider purchasing a new windscreen just because of a chip. The materials for repairing chips meet the newest standards and make light work of the job.

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities

This is why we can be reached by telephone, in person, by e-mail, fax or through our online shop. Our sales representatives are happy to visit your workshop for a local consultation. See for yourself our products, which offer everything for replacing windscreens and repairing car windows, as well as the tools needed for these jobs. We would be pleased to welcome you as a customer soon!