DIN & standard parts

Normfest started with DIN & standard parts, and we still specialize in this area. Take a look at our extensive range.

Create safe connections

Screws, nuts, conical nipples, rivets, cotter pins, washers and nails: our extensive DIN and standard range includes all of these. In order to supply you with the right connectors for all areas of use, we work with the company RECA NORM – "to hold what has to be held". You can obtain RECA screws, standard parts and general joining technology really easily through the Normfest online shop.

With us, DIN and standard parts mean a wide range of the widest variety of materials in various lengths and designs. We cover the field of screws with countersunk head screws, tallow-drop screws, Allen screws, drilling screws, chipboard screws, carriage bolts, hexagon bolts and many other designs, so you can choose exactly the right design for every fastening.

Do you need stainless-steel screws or steel screws? Screws for working with wood or sheet metal? Or would you rather use blind rivets? Should you use a cap nut or a lock nut? Is a serrated lock washer or a spring washer needed?

Depending on the area of use, we have the right connector material for you. We don't just sell screws online…