Air-conditioning repairs

A great climate in your vehicle is not only pleasant but also increases driving safety. Here you can find everything for cleaning and repairing air-conditioning systems.

Repairing, maintaining and disinfecting air-conditioning systems

Is your car workshop looking for replacement parts and products for maintaining air-conditioning systems? Then you're in the right place in our online shop. We are a wholesale company, supplying workshops and car dealerships with consumables and products for repairing air-conditioning systems.

A good car climate is much in demand - particularly in summer

Many car drivers are unaware during the cold winter months that their air-conditioning system is no longer working correctly. Only on the first hot day do they discover that maintenance of air-conditioning systems is essential. It's then advisable, if you have all the necessary replacement parts on hand in your workshop, to carry out a repair of the air-conditioning system. You can then quickly and efficiently service and disinfect the air-conditioning system, and your customer can again appreciate a pleasant climate in the car.

Professional maintenance

During maintenance, air-conditioning specialists check that all the pipes are tight and whether sufficient coolant is present. It can be replaced if required, to guarantee the perfect function of the air-conditioning system.

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