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TEXA Konfort 770S

Main features:

•  Compatible with R1234yf
•  Extremely bright TFT colour display
•  Advanced graphic interface
•  DATABASE management and storage of the
   executed services on SD card
•  Rotating display and manometer group
   (not for Germany)
•  20 kg tank
•  Two-tier vacuum pump
•  High recycling rate (over 95%)
•  Filling precision +/- 15 g
•  Air-tight oil container protects against
   contamination (patent pending)
•  High-precision automatic oil injection
•  Automatic oil container recognition
   (patent pending)
•  Automatic precision control for
   refrigerant measurement (patent pending)
•  Balance lock
•  Thermal printer
•  Fully automatic air conditioning service
•  Operating modes: MANUAL MODE,
•  Multilingual software
•  Automatic compensation for the length of the
   service hose
•  Automatic maintenance message
•  Simplified maintenance
•  Automatic condensation removal
•  Integrated refrigerant analyser


Flush kit, VDC kit, air conditioner efficiency control kit