Servicing & maintenance

Through this button, you can find everything for carrying out professional servicing and maintenance and increasing the lifespan and value of a vehicle.

We offer the best materials for your car workshop and servicing. Our wholesale and export company keep everything on hand that you need for car servicing in your workshop, for the maintenance that you carry out and for your oil changes.

Only the best for your workshop!

As a wholesale and export company, we know all the conditions that occur every day in a vehicle workshop. The choice of different materials is often not easy and the number of suppliers in this area is high. For your car workshop, we have the best possible materials that we can offer on hand, because we believe that, next to driving itself, maintenance and servicing in a workshop are the most important things in the life of a car driver.

Oil changes made easy!

With our consumable materials, it's simple to carry out an oil change. Workshops often reach their limits here, because the appropriate resources are not available that would make this important job easier for employees in a car workshop. Take a look at our products. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.