Workshops for the disabled

„Our cooperation is real inclusion“

In our society, social recognition is determined in particular by how and to what extent everyone can make a living for themselves. This also applies to people with disabilities.

So that they too have the opportunity to participate actively in working life and lead a self-determined life, the WFB workshops of the district Mettmann GmbH, a facility for the integration of people with disabilities into working life, provides these people with adequate vocational training and employment.

We also want to help reduce unemployment among people with disabilities. For us, the coexistence of disabled and non-disabled people is normal and part of our professional life. For 12 years we have been working successfully together with the WFB in Velbert.

The WFB employees assemble, weigh and package small parts for us in their workshop in Velbert. In addition, a company-integrated working group will be deployed directly on site several days a week. 4 to 5 employees pack large-volume items in our logistics department. This not only ensures that orders are handled quickly and easily and that logistics savings are achieved, but above all genuine integration into the job market is practiced.