proudly present: Normfest

As one of the leading workshop equipment suppliers, we have been supplying the European car and commercial vehicle maintenance industry with all products necessary for daily work for over 65 years. Our customers include all companies that are active in the repair, maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles.

We have everything you need

Normfest has around 26.000 quality products. We also offer many services and comprehensive advice. Our goal is to provide you with support for your everyday work so that you can always perform at your best. All products about the areas chassis repair, vehicle maintenance, workshop equipment and tools we offer you in a personal sales talk at your offices, by telephone with our telesales team or 24/7, whenever you want, at our online-shop.

Beyond German Borders

Founded in 1948, Normfest has developed over time from a medium-sized operation to a globally active group of companies.

Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina: With headquarters in Velbert, Germany, we are represented in eleven countries and employ around 400 people.

Above all in 13 countries we have trading partners: the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Macedonia, Russia, Greece, Estland, Latvia, Serbia, Malta, Malaysia and Turkey.