Normfest Certifications

We have been tested...

We want you to know what you can expect from Normfest, which is why we undergo testing, evaluation and certification procedures conducted by independent experts. We currently cooperate with the following organisations:

Quality management system

The Normfest company introduced a quality management system (QMS) back in September 1996 and received DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification. The certificate is reviewed annually by TÜV Management Service GmbH. At Normfest, we believe that mistakes are only there to be avoided!


Information security management system

Security is very important for customers who link their order and logistics systems to Normfest online. We introduced an information security management system (ISMS) in December 2001 and received ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This certification is also reviewed annually by an external inspection organisation. You can also be assured that your online connections are in good hands with us.


VOL pre-qualification

Pre-qualification is the upstream, non-order related inspection and certification of proof of suitability according to VOL (German Procurement and Contract Procedures for Supplies and Services). Companies must submit these documents in order to prove their technical qualifications, capability, legal compliance and reliability whenever they put in a tender for public procurement.

The federal pre-qualification database for supplies and services includes all companies whose suitability for German Procurement and Contract Procedures for Supplies and Services has been verified by procurement information centres or chambers of industry and commerce. Various criteria can be used to search for companies such as name, headquarters, sector code, etc.


Company and supplier directory (ULV)

The Brandenburg company and supplier directory (Unternehmer- und Lieferantenverzeichnis der Auftragsberatungsstelle Brandenburg e.V.) is a directory of companies whose corporate information has been verified in terms of qualifications, capability and reliability within the German Procurement and Contract Procedures for Construction, Supplies and Services and freelance services. Companies included in the directory are always available for potential contracting authorities.

Normfest training initiative

Training and the transfer of expertise are the objectives of the ‘Normfest Training Initiative’. As a skilled partner and consultant, we work closely together with the TÜV Academy of Berlin-Brandenburg. This is where our field representatives receive training for ‘Experts in Accordance with Section 19 L of the Federal Water Resources Act’ and other topics.



Following this statement, Normfest GmbH integrates the topics of ecology, health at work and environmental protection as an integral part of its corporate culture and corporate philosophy. Since 2019, the company has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems.

The company fulfils this obligation by assuming responsibility in dealing with natural resources. This responsibility is reflected, for example, in the PROTECT ecological product line or the implementation of sustainable concepts, such as the restructuring of logistics. Ecology and sustainability aspects have been considered and implemented from the very beginning.

This clear commitment to environmental protection results in our following ecological company guidelines:

  • Protection of health and ecology in all areas of our economy
  • Expansion of ecological Normfest products and service strategies
  • Selection of products and suppliers according to the state of the art and the highest possible protection of the environment and health at work.
  • Motivation of our employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner


The Green Dot

The Green Dot is a protected trademark of the Green Dot - Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) and stands for a functioning recycling economy, i.e. the consistent use of recyclable materials from waste. With the permanent further development of recycling, the Green Dot supplies more and more valuable and raw materials for recycling and a new benefit. This protects finite resources, the climate and the environment.

If the Green Dot is printed on packaging, the manufacturer of this packaging shows that it fulfils the obligations of the Packaging Ordinance. Closing material cycles, i.e. keeping reusable materials from waste in an economic cycle for as long as possible via high-quality recycling, is both a vision and a task for the Green Dot. The dual system the Green Dot is the connecting element between manufacturer, industry and consumer and ensures the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste.