Compliance has the highest priority

At Normfest and in the RECA Group, compliance, together with high quality standards, proactive environmental protection, sustainability in management, employee responsibility issues and all operational processes, is a top priority.

The management of Normfest GmbH and the directors of all companies of the RECA Group are expressly committed to fair competition and compliance with all applicable national and international laws, in particular with regard to corruption, bribery and price fixing, which are strictly rejected and in no way tolerated.

Normfest GmbH has a number of guidelines in which the corresponding rules of conduct are formulated unequivocally. Each employee is informed and trained accordingly.

Efficient guidelines and protective Measures

Efficient security policies, an adequates security organization as well as the people who comply with these guidelines are key security factors and should further support the successful develpment of the company.

Compliance of the Reca Group

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Code of Compliance der RECA Group