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Do you and your employees handle hazardous substances on a daily basis? Incorrect handling can result in a regulatory offense or criminal proceedings, and can cause harm to health.

Section 6 of hazard assessment

...It is the duty of employers to maintain a directory of hazardous substances utilised in the workplace. Reference must be made to the corresponding safety data sheets. In addition, all operating instructions must be up to date at all times and comprehensible to all.

We can do it for you with the Normfest hazardous substance database

•  A reliable classification of all hazardous substances: from highly flammable or toxic to genetically harmful
•  Regular updates – no update fee
•  Ongoing online information exchange with the German and European Committee on Hazardous Substances
   so that the database is always up to date in terms of legal requirements in 16 European laws and regulations.

The hazardous substance database contains:

•  A hazardous substance directory, updated monthly
•  Safety data sheets for all Normfest products
•  Operating instructions for all Normfest products
•  First aid information in the event of accidents
•  Fire protection information in the event of fire
•  Information on the transport of hazardous materials
•  Assessment form for your hazard assessment

€ 305,- annual*

*More headquarters cost only € 100,- annual.

Non-Normfest products:

You have the option of including non-Normfest products in the database. This will give you access to all of the above content for these items as well. Everything in one database – at no additional cost!

€ 20,- annual

pro Non-Normfest product